Happy 4th of July!

When I turned 20 last October, I went to a pottery store with a dear friend of mine and we chose pieces of pottery to decorate. What I chose to paint was a tile. Since it was my first birthday back in America, I decided to paint the number 20 and the American flag in… Continue reading Happy 4th of July!

A Book is Your Best Friend

One of the reasons why I cherish my childhood is the simple fact that I was raised to love books. Every classroom at my elementary school had a library. Once a week, we had library class and we used to visit the library to check out a book. Every day at school, we had 45… Continue reading A Book is Your Best Friend

We’re Not Going to be Safe for a While

Restaurants have opened. Hairdressers have opened. Beauticians have opened. The Maltese Government is insisting on the reopening of all businesses for the simple reason that it cannot afford to keep paying employee's wages. We also cannot stay in quarantine forever. It has been two months. Just because the numbers were spiking up a little this… Continue reading We’re Not Going to be Safe for a While